A good video about how little habits make a big difference to your skin


The Social  |   March 4, 2015

What role does genetics play when it comes to your skin? Does sleeping on your stomach cause skin damage? Find out below, and be sure to watch the full segment above for more of their great tips, including what the average person’s basic daily skincare routine should consist of.

What role does genetics play when it comes to our skin? 

DNA accounts for only 20% of visible aging changes. Our environment and our daily habits are responsible for a whopping 80%. And that’s great news! You, not your parents, are in the driver’s seat ultimately controlling your skin’s destiny.

Outside of your skin care regimen, what things should we doing to keep our skin healthy? 

  • Get your beauty sleep on your back. Dr. Rodan never thought she could sleep on her back but with the help of a special pillow and a nightly pep talk, I changed a lifelong habit
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation
  • Exercise regularly



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