Now is the best time for your Dermal Filler Treatment!

Not everyone with the initial signs of aging is ready to have surgery…

A popular non-surgical option to plastic surgery is a dermal filler treatment done in our office by Dr.Krasny,  which can solve many aging woes.  Dermal fillers done at DERMAFiNA offer many benefits to patients who want to appear younger, from their non-surgical nature to their temporary effects.

Although dermal filler treatments are a separate procedure all their own, some call them the “non-surgical facelift.” While dermal fillers do offer effects that are similar to a facelift, as well as a more youthful appearance, they are completely non-surgical in nature. Filler injections may not be designed to last as long as a facelift, but they are an ideal choice for patients who are annoyed by the signs of aging and chose not to have surgery. Many patients decide on dermal fillers because of their financial restrictions, physical condition, or personal apprehension. Another benefit is the long-lasting results, as the effects of dermal filler treatments can last six months or more

While most patients seek dermal filler treatments to fill and smooth wrinkles, there are many other ways that these injections can provide an anti-aging boost. Dermal fillers can soften deep creases in the skin, reduce the depth of skin folds, improve the appearance of scarring, add volume to the lips, enhance the jaw line contour, soften the tear troughs near the eyes, plump the cheeks, and so much more.

Depending upon the extent of the treatment, the procedure can take around 20-40 minutes to complete. Patients return home immediately after the procedure.The results of dermal filler treatments can be seen instantly – and as the treatment is non-surgical, with minimal downtime you can get on with living life to the full.

While surgical results definitely last longer, the results of your surgery will take a while to be seen (once the swelling and redness subsides). With dermal fillers, you’ll be able to see the initial effects of your treatment before you even leave DERMAFiNA.

This means that you don’t have to plan too far ahead of time for that special event where you’ll want to look your best. Just call us to set up your appointment with Dr.Mark Krasny, dermatologist, just a few days in advance to ensure that the swelling reduces prior to your event. No downtime, bleeding, or complications of a surgery!

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To get more information about dermal fillers and how they might benefit you, contact DERMAFiNA at 514-542-3376 to book an appointment with Dr.Krasny. At DERMAFiNA we believe that educating and communicating our patients are the keys to helping them achieve successful, natural-looking results.



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