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The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology provided further evidence of these benefits for patients with darker skin-types, in a feature case report, authored by a very accomplished team of leading dermatologists including Ashish Bhatia MD (of Northwestern University, Chicago, IL), Jeffrey TS Hsu MD (of Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH) and Basil M. Hantash MD, PhD (Stanford University trained founder of the Elixir Institute of Regenerative Medicine, San Jose Ca).

The feature publication is titled “Combined Topical Delivery and Dermalinfusion of Decapeptide-12 Accelerates Resolution of Post-Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation in Skin of Color”.

Dermalinfusion, otherwise known as the SilkPeel MD, is a popular face and body rejuvenation procedure performed by dermatology and cosmetic surgery professionals all over the world. Decapeptide-12 is the generic name for the Lumixyl peptide, a Stanford University discovery that has been shown to fade dark spots, age spots, and other skin discolouration condition (“hyper-pigmentation”).  In this case study, the patient was treated with the SilkPeel, which abrades the skin, peeling way the surface layer, while forcing a lumixyl peptide solution into the deeper layers of skin where it can be most effective.

Base Line - 12 Weeks - 16 Weeks  Pictures courtesy of Dr. Ashish Bhatia (Naperville, IL.)

According the the study authors “The combined use of topical delivery and dermalinfusion® of decapeptide-12 represents a novel, safe, and efficacious non-invasive approach to achieve accelerated resolution of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH), an especially difficult to treat and common dermatoses in skin of colour.”

The patient pictured in the study, as is common with many people and particularly women with skin of colour, suffered from hyper-pigmented skin that occurred as a result of simple acne break-outs, and lingered on the skin long after the acne itself had healed.   This is one of the more common forms of PIH, due in part to the commonality of acne itself, even in women that are well into their 30′s or 40′s.   The patchy discolouration is more commonly found in darker skin types that are genetically prone to experiencing hyper-pigmentation whenever the skin is traumatized, whether by acne, sun-damage, medical laser procedures, or some other unintended skin injury.

“The combined use of topical delivery and dermalinfusion® of decapeptide-12 represents a novel, safe, and efficacious non-invasive approach to achieve accelerated resolution of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH), an especially difficult to treat and common dermatoses in skin of colour.”

In this case the patient received four silkpeel procedures using the Lumixyl serum (a solution commonly used by physicians who provide SilkPeel procedures), spaced 2 weeks apart. The Silkpeel treatment generally takes about 20 minutes to perform, and is non-invasive (so there is no “down time” for the patient). The patient additionally applied the Lumixyl Brightening Cream twice daily in between SilkPeel treatments, and achieved complete visual clearance of the PIH over the course of six weeks.

The SilkPeel technology was developed by Envy Medical, Inc., in 2004, and has since grown to be one of the most popular non-invasive medical skincare procedures in the country, while also spreading to over 35 countries worldwide.  It is used and endorsed by a litany of leading dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons, due to its versatility in treating a wide variety of skin conditions and, as this most recent publication indicates, also due to its ability to treat a wide variety of skin types safely and effectively.

SilkPeel is the only in-office procedure that incorporates the Lumixyl peptide technology for the treatment of skin tone issues.   Lumixyl is incorporated into a line of skincare products that promote healthy skin function and an even skin tone.   Lumixyl fits well with the Silkpeel technology because it too is supported by an expansive body of studies, and it too has become popular in the treatment of skin tone and texture issues.  It is known by physicians and their patients as the safe and effective alternative to prescription hydroquinone (HQ) products commonly prescribed.  Unlike hydroquinone, results can be achieved with Lumixyl, without the risk of side effects, and without safety concerns associated with longer term HQ use.

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