Global advances in aesthetic dermatology presented as part of World Congress of Dermatology (Dermafina has Fractional laser and treatment is on special until July 31st)

June 9, 2015 VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery held a meeting on global advances in minimally invasive aesthetics at the start of the World Congress of Dermatology.

Kimberly Butterwick, MD, a dermatologist practicing in San Diego, reported on “forgotten areas” of the neck and chest. She said that when rejuvenation of these areas is ignored compared with the face, it shows contrast to the face “and reveals the patient’s true age.”

“In fact there are many excellent treatments for these areas including fractionated lasers, intense pulsed light for skin texture and/or fillers like low G prime hyaluronic acids for neck lines,” Butterwick told “Tightening with radio frequency or micro-focused ultrasound are successful to a degree, especially with new technologies and protocols. Combination therapies with these modalities are optimal as they enhance effects and reduce side effects.”


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