Juvederm family of Voluma, Volbella and Volift

Have you been thinking about filling in those lines around your mouth or the hollows under the eyes that are giving you that tired sad look?   At Dermafina we have plenty of options for your customized treatment.

During your consultation Dr.Krasny will choose the best product specifically for your need within the Juvederm family of Voluma, Volbella and Volift!

At Dermafina, Dr.Krasny uses his  specialized unique techniques including the micro-needle technique – to fill in lines with the least amount of bruising and pain.

For Dr.Krasny‘s perfect pout technique he generally uses Volbella and the results are amazing. If you have a  flat and/or wrinkled mouth he will transform it into luscious, youthful and sexy lips. Lip augmentation is truly a great way to regain a youthful appearance as you can see in this photo of our patient who is in her 60’s. 


Of course our younger patients love their lips as well.  

Aside from the usual, i.e. nasolabial, marionette, cheek and under eye injections, Dr.Krasny looks at each patient’s face as a whole.  This means that if you have less volume in the temples ( loss of youthful mid-forehead curvature) or saggy earlobes or a week jawline, these will be discussed to optimize your results!

So if you want to be happy with your reflection in the mirror, consider the Juvederm Voluma, Volbella and Volift.   Long lasting, smooth to the touch with natural looking results.   What more can you ask for?  Those and more are available at Montreal’s Dermafina Laser and Cosmetic clinic.



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